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Focus On Pubs is created for the licence holders or owners of the pubs within the UK.

The content including sport articles, a News section, promotions for upcoming events, Q&A’s.

Each issue will also include a Pub Review along with a Brewery Review for our readership to see what other pubs are selling, what events they have, any ideas to help the other publicans out.

Focus On Pubs intention is to give the readers an outlook to how they can keep up to date with the new products and different ideas they can incorprate into their businesses.

Focus On Pubs is issued on a monthly basis, and sent to a wide variety of members within the Pub trade including; Suppliers, Landlord/Landladies, Licence Holders, Breweries, Pub Designers, Buyers and Specifiers. The circulation is a requested database.


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We welcome all editorial ideas and contributions. If you would like to be considered for inclusion within a particular issue, please send your related information to Ruth or Andy

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