Elements Eight Rum champions artisan roots

Elements Eight, the single distillery rum from St Lucia, is celebrating its 10th anniversary since its inception at the London Bar Show in July 2006. The brand is relaunching with revamped packaging and a focused portfolio. With unchanged rum liquid, the new range pays tribute to the rum’s artisanal approach and places greater emphasis on its small batch production. The contemporary feel, a key part of the brand’s identity has been evolved, whereby the bottles are shorter and the foiled label design reflects the hand-crafted ethos of the rum. The look is designed to take Elements Eight into the next decade of its journey.


The rums now comprises three variants: Elements Eight Vendôme is a deluxe aged rum, aged for up to six years in Kentucky Bourbon barrels. Vendôme makes reference to one of the stills used in the triple distillation process. Louisville, Kentucky is the home of the Vendôme Still and is a cross between a column and a pot still which provides the Master distiller with new avenues to develop flavoursome rum profiles; Elements Eight Exotic Spices is the most complex spiced rum in the world. Infused with 10 fruits and spices married with fine aged rum (clove; cinnamon; vanilla; ginger; nutmeg; star anise; coconut; orange; lemon; and honey); and Elements Eight Platinum was one of the pioneering rum brands – it was the first aged white rum. Platinum is aged for up to four years in Kentucky Bourbon barrels and lightly charcoal filtered to remove colour.


UK-based Founder Carl Stephenson, who has previously worked with Allied Domecq, Moët Hennessy and Wray & Nephew, comments: “the rum category – in particular the super-premium sector – has seen really strong growth. From the outset, our approach has been artisanal, working with St Lucia Distillers, investing in hand crafted production and slow ageing. The new approach will better emphasise these artisanal, craft credentials which really resonate with today’s spirits drinkers.”


Nick Gillett, Managing Director, Mangrove (UK distributor), comments: “Mangrove is excited to be launching the new packaging of Elements 8. It is the perfect way to celebrate this fantastic rum, which set the category alight with its previous bottle in 2006.”


Elements Eight is a complex blend of eight single distillery rums and crafted from eight individual elements, expertly blended to create an exceptionally smooth and complex rum. Terroir, cane, water, fermentation, distillation, tropical ageing, blending, and filtration are harmoniously balanced.


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